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27 February 1976
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Hi, I'm Adam, a software developer from Northampton, Massachusetts USA who now lives in Austin, Texas. I've also lived in Providence, Boston, Brooklyn and Ann Arbor.

By day I'm a web-developer and semipro photographer. By night I play singer/songwriter, digital artist and gamer.

What you can expect to find:
free music downloads from my current musical project(s), digital art, weird dreams, social commentary, personal philosophy, rants on current events, musings on personal relationships. Due to the latter, the journal is about 50% friends-only.

What you won't find:
endless memes and quizzes, gripes about everyday minutae such as laundry and housework, the latest spat of office politics, etc. I'm also sporadic at leaving comments on other people's journals: my list is long and while I do lurk, I might not always have something to say.

I love meeting new people and would be immensely flattered should you decide to add me to the list of people you care to read.
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